Monday, October 15, 2007

My computer problems

will soon be solved by Dell...after the hard drive, keyboard and mouse were replaced just recently, the monitor just decided to quit! Thank goodness the warranty is not up until October 28. Now that is cutting it down to the wire! They have very good service, and they seem to need it by their track record so far! I should be good for another couple of years now. By the time we come back from our few days away, the monitor should be waiting for me. It is a hassle, although the timing seems to be perfect! I am seriously considering buying a laptop for the times we are away from home. But for now? Bigger fish to fry!

Speaking of food, I was an eating machine tonight. Big burger (yeah PC!), nice fluffy white bun with sesame seeds, sauteed onions...doesn't that sound healthier than fried? Either way, heated in a fry pan with a kiss of oil so it won't upset the system...and fries. Was doing okay until our friend brought Girl Guide Cookies. Now I know why I only lasted three weeks as a Brownie! Those little girls are the Devil's handmaidens. Chocolate covered chocolate wafers with icing? Who would have thought of something like that? An Oreo on steroids. OOOooooo and minty, too. Three of them jumped into my hand...after all, the serving size was for three....sigh. Well, may as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb, so off I went to the pantry for two bags of Doritos before my Sunday TV nap. Now, you have to realize that I wasn't even hungry. Just wanted to eat today. So, eat I did. I still have six points left for the remainder of the week. I will have to watch my step in the US. A little planning at the grocery store should do it. But I have decided to do the best I can for the three days, and not ruin my holiday by fussing. There are lots of alternatives in the US, and there are some real treats I love to have there. Cottage cheese for instance. Who would have thought it would taste so much better, but it does. With peaches or a baked potato it makes a great meal. Easily prepared in the microwave, too. Or purchase the potato from Wendy's. And I would like to try a selection of the WW food. Although I never like frozen meals - it does hurt to be so fussy! But a WW bagel intrigues me...I wish I were like my dear hubby whose only concern with this meal is the next one! Fruit is the original fast food, and a bag of apples or oranges and a bag of pretzels will keep me happy for a long time! Easy to transport, too! I was thinking that travelling would be much easier on core....but then? How can you live without bread and Doritos? So, best to keep FLEXing!

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