Monday, October 8, 2007


Today I tried on just about every garment in my closet. There were quite a few things that are just too big for me now, so there was a sizable "give away" pile. Shocking really, the difference a few pounds can make. Also a bit of a shame, because some outfits I had only worn two or three times last winter. The skirts are far too long now, though, and I felt like I was drowning in way too much fabric. At the largest point of my body the material should not drape six inches away! I don't want to keep anything that doesn't make me feel good, and when the shoulders hang and the skirt is too long? I sure don't feel great! I don't feel sorrow for the loss of these garments, but rather, I feel joy at seeing more hangers!

When I moved on to the front hall closet, I was relieved to see that my favourite winter coat was still "wearable" although very, very long. It will last one more year! I hope next year the styles will return to longer coats, so I can replace this one! So warm and toasty! All in all, it was a very busy day. I managed to stay within my daily points, a necessity since I had a "chip attack" earlier on in the week and burned up every Flex point for the week. Ah well. They will return on Wednesday!

We are planning a trip to the US next weekend, so I have a 'need to buy' list, that starts with two new bras, and ends with Ploughman's mustard. It is difficult to shop with a list, but hopefully I will be able to find enough garments to keep me going!

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