Saturday, October 20, 2007


for the next ten days, I will be posting our "Travel Food" menus, and ideas.

It seems that I forget what we existed on during our travels, the minute we cross our own threshold. In our "food bag" we carry standard things. Tea, Tim Horton's coffee,coffee filters, sweeteners (packet and powder for cereal and fruit) packets of hot chocolate, small tins of fruit, soup, canned beans, and bran flakes in case we are can not get to a grocery store immediately, cutlery, can opener, toaster, electric fry pan, tea towel, dish cloth, soap, cutting board, flipper, paring knife, zip lock bags, garbage bags, paper toweling, bowls, plates, cups, disposable cutting boards. This all fits quite nicely into a 21" suitcase with room to spare. I am a Ziploc fanatic, and find that putting everything in these wonders of modern science keeps everything clean.

In a small cooler bag, we carry our "car food"- water, vegetable juice, individual packaged snacks, milk, vegetables and fruit that needs to be kept cool. Although it does seem like a lot of nuisance in this day of restaurants on every corner, I have to have small amounts of food exactly on schedule and often without warning, so there is often no room for even a fifteen minute delay. It is so much easier to snack on a V8 and a package of crackers than it is to find someplace that even offers such simple low point fare. Hubby is happy as long as there is food of any kind, and has adapted to this routine. He can make a pretty mean breakfast in a kitchenette, too!

There will be some new things to see this trip. One leg of the journey will be to LaRonge, Saskatchewan. It is supposed to be gorgeous up there. It is my belief that there is beauty in every place, and sometimes you just have to be a visitor to see it!

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