Saturday, October 13, 2007

Suzy Domestic Strikes Again!

The house smells amazing! I found extra lean ground turkey at Costco, and after I realized what a good thing points wise it was, had to find a recipe for it! Voila! Turkey meatballs with honey chili sauce. These are not tiny meatballs, by any stretch of the imagination. Each one was made with a scoop that holds 1/6 of a cup. The recipe made 15 meatballs, but one mysteriously disappeared right after I took the picture... will be accounted for at supper time I assure you!
The entire recipe sauce and all came in at 30 points. So, each meatball complete with sauce for the rice, is two points. Three would make a good serving with Basmati rice. Four would make a better one! MMMM I can hardly wait for supper! It is winter and time for comfort food! Notice the casserole? When it cools down a little I can put the plastic lid on it, and store it in the refrigerator until time to heat up again for supper. Love it!
should you be inclined to try these!

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