Monday, August 23, 2010

The Weekend

We had a lot going on this weekend. Hubby arrived home late Friday night, and "the girls" were scheduled to spend both days with us! Of course, we had to polish and shine everything in sight before their arrival. Special people deserve special efforts, don't they? Our activities included the inspection of every stuffed toy I had squirreled away from her father's childhood, methodical perusal of the jewellery boxes
and a trip to Dairy Queen where the princess fell asleep and the adults indulged! Although I tried to stick to the program both days, I am faced with a gain. Could be hot weather and Buster Bar, water retention, but I am treating it as "CODE RED" and will be monitoring to the calorie what goes into the old body this week. Which brings me to the age old question. Why is it, that when I "behave" I gain, and yet some days, I chow down on chips and chocolate and show a loss the next morning? I am not complaining, but it just doesn't seem fair somehow.

Since the house is still pretty shiny, I think today will be spent running the roads, doing errands and in general depleting the checking account!

Breakfast: GF English muffin, 2 poached eggs, 100 calories spread of choice...can't make up my mind yet! Cheese Whiz, peanut butter, jam? *1 T Cheese Whiz won!

Lunch: 1 cup of Habitant Pea soup, water.

Supper: 1/2 order of fries at Wendy's with 1/2 a Chili, water

Snack: 4 slics of ham, two dill pickles and 28gms of Cheddar

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