Friday, August 13, 2010


And the weekend begins. Hubby just got in, and will pick up Chinese food on his way home. NUMMY! I love chow mien and almond chicken, two things that won't break the points bank too badly! This morning, I had two eggs, and three strips of crispy bacon, with skim milk. Lunch was a handful of taco chips with salsa and cheddar cheese, so I would say today was pretty much a bust weight watcher wise! Ah well. You have to slip off the wagon once in awhile!

Today it was raining cats and nice to curl up in bed and doze the day away. I had all sorts of plans for the day, but they quickly went away as the day progressed. I am glad it is a cool weekend forecast, as we have a lot of sorting to do in the garage before we can put on the sale. I have gone through the house pretty thoroughly, and will finish off my closet next week, while hubby is in Pittsburgh. I really don't mind him being away as long as I have something to do with my time. The past two weeks have flown by, and I have a very organized storage room and laundry room to show for it! Although, cleaning up one mess makes another! We will deal with that this weekend, and decide on a date for the sale. I like to have things neatly arranged, and not all dirty and jumbled, so our stuff has gone quickly in the past. Here is hoping it will this time, too!

As for the diet? With this heat wave we had, I think I was doing well to breath, let alone worry about food! This morning I woke up to thunder and lightning, and a lot of energy! It was so nice to feel like myself again. The kitchen got a good scrubbing before breakfast, and the frig got a good clear out. No more out dated items or mouldy berries! I am going to buy as we go for a little while, until the our stores are depleted. I am really going to try to trace our spending. I have let things slide just a little too much lately.

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