Sunday, August 15, 2010


We woke up to a dismal, rainy day. LOVE IT!!! I almost feel human again!

After a good long sleep in, we went out into the world to purchase a few necessities. A sink plug, and groceries. Couldn't find a medicine chest. I am trying to buy just what we will eat during the week, to avoid a lot of storage issues, and deplete the stash we already have at home. Since hubby leaves on Tuesday again, I only had to buy a couple of meat items, milk, shredded cabbage, an onion and some cilantro. There were a few items that snuck in, that were not on the list, but my total was much smaller than usual, so I was pleased. I have a choice of grocery stores very close to home so if I missed buying something important, it will be easy enough to pop over to pick up an item or two.

Discovery. When I went to make the chicken breasts for tonights supper, I found that there was only one breast in the package. Undaunted, I cooked it up anyway, and was surprised to see that it stretched to feed both of us to an elegant sufficiency. Of course, I also made a pound of carrots, thinking I was cooking ahead...not so. We ate the lot! One potatoe made scalloped potatoes that fed us both with NO leftovers. I quite like cooking 'just enough', and although the balance of veg vs. meat is not the norm for most? It really works for us, it seems, as we both left the table feeling very content.

As a treat, I thought it would be nice to buy "real" dip - not a treat at all! I discovered that two tablespoons of dip were 130 calories, whereas two tablespoons of sour cream were only fifty. And full fat sour cream at that! So, I found some no-name vegetable soup mix that didn't contain gluten, mixed in a few spoonsfuls of that into the container of sour cream. Not only does it taste great, but I got twice as much dip for the same cost. I will
use it with veggies and yes, my guilty pleasure, potato chips. Which brings me to my snack tonight. (Keep in mind it is Saturday, and we are wild party people.) Four tablespoons of dip and a serving of potato chips! MMMMM wrinkly, crispy, tastey Lay's Wavy!

By the way? I actually remembered the shopping list I tore from my new calendar. I was quite impressed with the facts that A. I wrote the list, and B. I actually took it with me! This calendar is going to make a new woman of me! (What are the chances? LOL)

Breakfast: English muffin (gf), Cheese Whiz, two eggs, skim milk
Lunch: cup of bean soup, two GF crackers, Fresca
Supper: 1/2 chicken breast (skinless, bone in)1/2 potato, 2 T cream, 1 tsp butter, 1/4 of peeled, cooked carrots. 1/2 a container of rice pudding.
Snack: 250 calories of potato chips, 4 T of sour cream dip, Fresca.

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