Monday, August 9, 2010

Missing in Action

Food journaling has paid the price for the time I have been spending decluttering our house. In a nutshell, our menus have been same old, same old. Eggs for breakfast, salads and beans, grilled meats and berries. I am holding the line, but really, I am totally immersed in my current activity to the point that food is an unwelcome interruption! It has also been unbearably hot here, and the coolness of the lower level is so much nicer on these hot days! Inch by inch, I am purging, cleaning and organizing every square inch of this house! I now know why it is so relaxing for me to be traveling with hubby. Staying home brings on these extreme cleaning frenzies!

I am going through the house from top to bottom, purging unnecessary things. My closet excess is going to a consignment store. Hubby put up two closet rods in the storage room to hold the goodies destined for the consignment store. There is room in there now, because the storage room has yielded enough stuff for a very hefty garage sale. That stuff has migrated to the garage, which is now filled up!

I am trying my best to let things go. Quickly, and quietly. As things are removed, what is left is given even more scrutiny...if it is not necessary, used or lovely, it is living on borrowed time! I can see a second and third round of purging will be necessary. I want an echo in this house again!

I have been doing a lot of research on minimalism, and I must admit the concepts appeal to me. I get an odd rush from tossing things out! It is a lasting euphoria, vs. the fleeting euphoria from acquiring something new!

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