Thursday, August 19, 2010

Another day...

Today was busy, from morning till late afternoon I was running the roads! The weather has been nice, so I have been taking advantage of that and my lack of structured recquired activity at home. In short? While the cat is away, the mice will play!

I was in the company of my dear friend all morning,and then went to get my hair cut at one. Then on to shopping and errands. Nothing major really, just a stop here and there to pick up a few things. I somehow managed to lose my bank card, so a quick stop provided me with a new one. I LOVE my bank! No judgement, just service! LOL

Breakfast: two eggs, oven fries, skim milk

Lunch: grapes

Supper: chicken, onion and carrot stirfry garnished with almonds, fried rice - minus the egg, bacon, and all that good greasy stuff! Just finely diced peppers and brown basmati rice with a bit of GF soya sauce. I found a little package of chicken ready for the pan at the grocery store for 2.58! It turned out to be enough for two generous servings, when mixed with the carrot and onion. I am quite happy going to the grocery store to buy as we need, rather than do the massive shopping that I had t do for years when feeding a family.

Snackage: Two Toblerone bars. Hey, they were a lunch replacement! 180 calories each, the equivilant of a sandwich for the gluten tolerant world.... I am beginning to see why the scales are not shifting as quickly as I would like. Far too many "replacement" items! Whatever. I am happy, and working on healthy before svelte!

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