Friday, August 20, 2010


And I have so much to do it isn't funny. I am expecting visitors of the crawling kind this weekend, so every little thing has to be picked up and put out of harms way. There are piles all over the house...some for the garage sale, some for consignment, some for garbage, and yes, some for the laundry! PLUS I need to pick up some food that makes it look like Gramma really does cook! I am so glad hubby will be home tonight and then home for a whole week. I am just about ready to start a tour with him just to get some rest!

So far, so good though. I have made the bed, organized my dresser drawers, and now? ON TO THE COSMETICS! Although I have pared down a lot, somehow? There is a problem with having way too much once again. Today is the day I have to sort it all out and get rid of the excess.

Breakfast: Two eggs, three strips of bacon. Last time we bought the low sodium stuff from Costco and it was really good. Yesterday, I saw a package of Schneider's, that answered the age old question of how many calories are there in bacon after you cook it! This one said 210 for two slices before, and 45 after. That is a huge difference, as I have been counting the higher number forever, using the logic that it is better to overestimate the consumption and underestimate the exercise. Somehow, that should balance out in my favour, right? ANYWAY that is what I had for breakfast. The milk had gone sour, so no calcium for me this morning!



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