Friday, July 24, 2009

Traveling Light

We will be leaving for a six day trip on Monday. I want to take the time this weekend to put together my wardrobe and pack, so everything is not just tossed into the case at the last minute. A pair of capris, jeans a couple of tshirts and a dress ought to do it.

I recently bought a couple dresses from QVC that will be great travel items. The first clue was the fact that they came out of the yellow shipping bag with nary a wrinkle. They are a soft poly spandex blend that just floats around the body. One of the dresses is sleeveless though, so it is best left at home. The other is a simple black swing dress with a scoop neck...a perfect backdrop for scarves and necklaces. It also goes with a black and white cotton cardigan that I bought this spring. If the weather was cooler? It would also be perfect under my new red trench coat. Having few pieces that can be used together is such a simple concept, although it was extremely difficult to pare down to so few items. I am only missing the "crisp white shirt" that is touted as being one of the core pieces. I don't do crisp well...being more of a "sweater girl" as my dear old mom used to say! It is true though...knits seem to be so much more flattering to my body type. And yes, I do have a three way mirror!

Another area I am trying to pare back, is my cosmetics bag. I have always been a bit of a product junky, but as my skin is getting older, it is even more persnickity, so the fewer things I use, the better. The downside is finding the products that agree with me, and do the job. Since being on my Celiac diet, my skin is responding favourably, thank goodness.

So, that is my plan for today. To get everything ready to pack for a fun filled week!

Menu for today:
eggs, toast (GF tapioca rice cheesy bread)& butter, milk

Kitchen sink salad (my other project is to rid the frig of perishables that have perished)

Mac & cheese for supper with pickled beets, fresh pineapple with yogurt sauce for dessert

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