Sunday, July 19, 2009


Yesterday, we had tacos and beer for supper. This morning I woke up a full pound lighter. Life is good.

Today's supper will be Freybe farmer's sausage, mashed potatoes and a mix of hot vegetables. Tiger Tiger ice cream for dessert...or maybe a gluten free has opened so many avenues that I just haven't wandered down in years! The cold is getting somewhat better...who knows...I may wander back out into the world sometime next week. Until then, I am working the plan!

Breakfast: eggs & bacon, toast & peanut butter, milk
Lunch: smoothie (strawberries, yogurt, orange juice, milk)
Supper: potato, farmer sausage, carrots, butter, cream corn, GF buttertart
Snack: apple and Cheetos
Snack #2: tortilla chips with cheese and salsa

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