Sunday, July 12, 2009

So, great progress has been made....

I have this theory, that the weight you gain in a short time, can't be crazy glued onto you like the stuff you have carried for years. I have managed to lose ten pounds since the beginning of the month, and we all know that just isn't possible in the real world. But, the scale doesn't lie, and there it is, in great big numbers! To add insult to injury, the new scale was a bit "harsher" than the old one, so I am dealing with a tough judge.

Never the less, I have been sick, and not doing much around the house. I have recorded every morsel that I have consumed, and have tried to not cut calories too much, or go over what I expend in a day. Whatever the reason? I am all for it! Now if the next ten pounds would come off as quickly, I would be one happy camper. Mind you, I have a feeling that if I could manage one nights sleep without waking to cough or make disgusting sounds severla times a night, I am sure that would help too.

Going gluten free has been very freeing. I am eating more baked products than I have in a good long while. I mean really! I can not remember a time where I had muffins adn squares in the house at the same time, not to mention bagels and cream cheese! gluten free food is quite calorie dense, so you have to be careful with it, but when you haven't had a bagel in ages, one coming in at 220 calories with 5 grams of fibre, can't be a bad thing! Although I did notice that the day I had that for breakfast? I was more inclined to throw caution to the wind later in the day, and seek out other treats. Live and learn. I am just one of those people that needs a hearty breakfast to start my day, I guess!

Today's menu:

bacon, eggs, toast & butter, milk for breakfast

bison burger with BUN!!!! for lunch, with a diet pop

Supper? Well who knows?

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