Wednesday, July 22, 2009


With herculean effort, I managed to make a mushroom omlette for our breakfast this morning. It was a change, but I must admit, we have the "dance" of breakfast well rehearsed in our house, and this added a few fancy steps to the mix! I had some mushrooms to use up quickly, so that spurred the change. I didn't manage to down my half of the mix though...or my second piece of toast. Just as well, because the calories saved "paid" for the cheese in the omlette. Maybe that is why I didn't like it as much...I didn't have any Swiss cheese, and had to use Kraft Tex Mex. It is sort of tasteless when you compare it to the lovely flavour that real cheese has!

Onward and upward. Tonight's dinner will be the halibut I bought at Costco yesterday. I was thrilled to find a frozen package with three large fillets, which will do us easily for three meals, likely with leftovers. Slim chance of that happening!

Rick is off to a conference today, which leaves me to my own devices. Now, if I only felt better, I could do some serious damage, but as it is, I will likely nap the better part of the day. And there is quite the layer of dust to deal with in the house. I haven't done my basic housekeeping yet this week, other than scrub down the bathrooms, completely out of necessity! Activity points for that effort please!

Today's menu:

Breakfast: mushroom & cheese omlette, GF toast, bacon, coffee and milk
Lunch: herb salad mix with orange segments, raspberry vinegrette, toasted pecans
Supper: halibut filet, roasted potatoes, romaine with Caesar dressing and a trial run of GF croutons
Snack: apple and cheetos, Snack: Tiger Tiger GF ice cream cone (Tiger Tiger is completely gluten free and my favourite of all time! Whoo hoo!)

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