Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another day, another symptom....

this time it is a miserable sore throat...Rick is in his glory. I can't talk.

But boy can I eat! I am amazed at how much fuller I feel with the addition of a slice of bread or a cracker here and there. This gluten free gig is the bomb!

Today, I had the usual breakfast. Eggs, toast & PB, 80 calorie bacon and milk. Lunch was a cup of baked beans and toast, and for supper, cabbage rolls. MMM good. Right now, fresh veggies are hard on the throat, and pretty tasteless to me, so that is why the unbalanced diet. The good news was, it was 1500+ calories. And I have more than quite satisfied all day.

Activity? I finally cleaned my closet. Of course, there was nothing to toss this time, but I do have things filed away in a nicer configuration. Gotta love those movable shelf closet systems. I have really surprised myself with the number of outfits I have been able to wear this summer, when I thought I didn't have anything to wear. But so far? I haven't worn the same thing twice.

On the gluten free front? Rick came home with some gluten free cornflakes for me. Of course, they have to be "special" ones because the stupid (I had put in !@#$%&*, but I thought you might get the wrong idea!) companies put barley malt in them. There is literally nothing you have to do without to be gluten free...except maybe spare pocket money! In fact, from avoiding things like bagels and muffins? I went to having a nice little stash in my freezer. I imagine the novelty will wear off soon enough, and it will become everyday routine, but for now? It is a big deal to feel great and eat such nice little goodies!

Even with this raw throat thing, I am feeling really good. I guess over the years, I just got used to having digestive difficulties, and accepted that that was how I felt after eating. Like everything else, you have to find out what works for you. What unique individuals we all are!

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