Friday, August 14, 2009

Where does the time go?

We are back from another ten day trip...I am beat. But not defeated! Somehow I managed to stay gluten free the whole trip, without incident. I have not had one scrap of gluten since July 5th (knowingly that is - the accidents were unavoidable, and the subsequent reactions really is like smoking. The more you get away from it? The more it affects you when you run into just a tiny bit) and life is good. Life is good.

I was visiting my sister again, and she is a fabUlous cook. We both love our veggies, and her suppers are absolutely amazing. She always buys produce at the farmer's market where she lives so the flavours were fresh as fresh can be. Rick left me there for a good three days, and we had quality sister time!

Now we are home and the man is on holidays for the next week. We are very loosely scheduled for those days...maybe in town, maybe out. Depends on how our mood goes! It would be nice to swing down to the US for some quality shopping time early in the week - although after enduring the trip from Saskatoon today, it really doesn't appeal to me to pack and go again! It would help if I unpacked first! Hotel rooms sure lose their appeal when you have to live in them. We weren't able to get a suite in Saskatoon as the hotel was booked, but we did stay in our usual digs in Regina. I find it so much easier when you have a kitchen to work with, no matter how small. And it is even nicer when they provide dishes etc. so you don't have to schlep all of your stuff from home!

It would be nice to just go and play in Fargo for a day or two.....

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