Sunday, January 31, 2010


is started...I am not sure how many days it will take though! It seems odd to me that there is so many articles for only two people. Mind you, we were gone for two weeks plus we have been home for a week...guess that is what happens when you don't listen to Flylady and do one load a day! No chance of that when I was Linderella at the ball!

I am still cruising the web looking for new adventures. I will come down to earth sooner or later...a trip up north might just do it! How much earthier can you get?

The house is lonely Rick. But, I do have the telephone at the ready, and I have spent a fair amount of time yakking.

I am also happy to report that six pounds of vacation weight has left the building. Whew. Now I just have to work on the last two and a bit. Not bad when they say the average person gains two pounds a day on a cruise! We had assigned dinner times, and we all hate buffets, so that was a help. I think the people that gain must go on cruises where they always have to make do with a buffet. The dining on the Equinox was absolutely gourmet. They would give me a gander at the next night's menu so I could choose something that would suit my gluten free needs. For the first time ever, I had Pot au Creme...basically it is melted Belgian chocolate, cream and egg yolks. Yeah. Not fattening at all! The other times, I stuck to a humble bowl of berries, and once I had a cheese plate. The only thing they didn't have was pickles. I am addicted to Vlasic pickles, and the ones they had were not as good. It was could order up caviar and champagne, but not pickles and popcorn! The best things in life are not always expensive!

Breakfast: two poached eggs, GF muffin with butter, skim milk.

Lupper: 1/4 cup of red salmon, 1 cup of baked beans, one can of diet pop'

Snack: 22 Tortilla chips with two ounces of cheese and salsa.

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