Friday, January 1, 2010

I have not made a mistake all year...

Mind you, I just woke up! BUT like every January 1, don't we feel like THIS year will be different? Hope springs eternal.

Breakfast this morning was special. We shared an omelet made with three egg yolks and four whites...I always give hubby the lion's share, so I estimate my portion at maybe and egg and a half. Farmer's cheese was the treat on top and mushrooms and onions made a great filling, two slices of bacon cooked to a cinder added a salty niceness! To just round things out perfectly, I had my daily glass of skim milk and a gluten free English muffin, with butter AND Cheez Whiz.

Supper tonight will be roast chicken with parsnips, carrots and little baby potatoes roasted with it. Don't you just love the ease of cooking like that? I have my Aunt Mary's "roaster of death" mum inherited it when my aunt died, and I inherited it when my mum died, hence the name. It is an oval La Crueset roaster that is just the perfect size for a chicken, roast, cabbage rolls...makes everything taste so much better for some reason. It must be the steady heat of the cast iron pot. You just plop the ingredients in the roaster, and come back to the oven when the smell beacons! I could kick myself, because at Safeway they had a "poultry" mix of herbs, but as I was looking their way, my attention was distracted by a young man with a tray of shrimp. Would I like one? NO GIMME THE PLATTER SHRIMP BOY! It was so nice to have a sample of something I could actually eat!

So, there you have the menu plan for today.

We ended up at a dear friends last night to see the new year slipped in while we were discussing our travel plans for the next year. We have hit a juncture in our lives where all I seem to care about is our next adventure, and our next batch of new clothes! Life is good when the kid leaves home and the dog dies.

Just a little note about our one pot supper. It was terrific! I added parsnips, carrots and little potatoes to the chicken in the pot for an absolutely no fuss meal. Bonus! There is enough left to make chicken pot pie one night next week. Now how on earth do I make something that is low calorie and gluten free to take the place of biscuits to top it with? Thinking cap? ON!

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