Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mama saw a nine!

Broke that barrier, so now I am down into working off the next ten pounds. Sure hope it doesn't take as long as the previous ten pounds though. I expect to come home from the cruise totally swollen and full of water from the long flight, so I am not going to weigh myself for the first while at home...just keep working the program, and try to keep to this next ten pounds to lose in focus.

Breakfast: three pieces of bacon, toasted English muffin, two eggs, cup of skim milk

Today is the dreaded packing day. The day I have to decide exactly what is going into the suitcase. What a job! I think the best plan of attack is to take my dresses...then, I am assured of comfort, at least. I am taking shorts, capri's and t-shirts for day time, of course. But for the evenings? I think I will be most comfortable in dresses. The bonus is that once I wear a dress to supper? I will be able to wear it during the day. Nothing is cooler or more comfy than a sundress.

So, off I go to agonize, select, and pack. This is the last post before take-off! Whooo HOOO!

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