Thursday, January 7, 2010

Starting to put my ducks in a row...

today. I cleaned the master bathroom, and sorted through the toiletries that I will be taking, and put them in a travel bag. I am astounded that there are so few items! I also have been buying "small" so it will be very easy to put all my stuff into that stupid plastic bag that is recquired!

It was "hair salon" day today. Or should I say "hair today, gone tomorrow?" Well, gone next Wednesday for sure!

Breakfast: since the oatmeal was not agreeing with me, I have gone back to eggs in the morning. More calories, for sure, but I was getting that sick, weak feeling again. It is starting to lift, so within a couple of days, I should be back to normal. Even gluten free oatmeal will have to be just an occassional treat I guess.

So, eggs, bacon, toasted English muffin and skim milk.

Lunch: banana

Supper: ten shrimp with seafood sauce and a toasted English muffin with "plastic" cheese...yes, again. I am on a kick of sorts here! Tonight I will have to have something healthy for a snack that involves fruits or veg.

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