Saturday, January 9, 2010

House is clean...

without my effort. The man is a wonder. Dusted, vacuumed, carted things thither and fro....while I refined things! I started a laundry basket with the "don't forget to pack" things, so once I think of something, I can toss it in, and let my brain rest. I am not looking forward to the plane changes. Looks like we will be at the airport for quite a long time with these new rules. Which also messed up my "pack one carry on" plan. Ah well. Now we have to take lots instead! A lot easier to figure out what to pack if you can toss it in and to heck with it!

So there was my exciting day.

Breakfast: two eggs, over easy, glass of skim milk and a toasted GF hotdog bun. You take what you can get.

Lunch: bowl of pea soup, laughing cow cheese wedge, rice pudding in a cup.

Supper: broccoli, carrots, fish in a soy lemon onion sauce sauce, and basmati rice.

Snack: Neo Citran!

MMMMM smells wonderful in here!

Just realized. I am back on track! LOL

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