Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy day!

I had a little visit with my granddaughter today...what a treat that was! They grow so fast, and she is showing her little personality AND a sporting a few curls to go with her toothy smile!

Breakfast: English muffin, three strips of bacon, two eggs, skim milk.

Lunch: orange, two glasses of water

Super: to be determined. Supper was shrimp and seafood sauce (that part isn't the bad part - wait for it comes!) with sour cream dip and Lay's chips to finish. I know. I KNOW!!! But they were there....made myself totally ill, and had to go to bed early, like an unruly child being punished for getting into the cookie jar! Well, chip jar. It is so frustrating not being able to be bad! It wasn't the gluten, either. It was just my stomach saying "Where the heck is the real food????"

So, that is the news for the day. Still haven't finalized my packing list, or done all the things I should have done days ago. Ah well.

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