Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy day today....

We were spontaneously invited to dinner tonight - that is what happens when you sit around over coffee long enough! ANYWAY the man of the house produced a meal fit for a queen...a couple of them, really! We had mashed potatoes, baby carrots, roast pork with GRAVY (gluten free just for me) and a lovely crisp salad...with shrimp to start. I must warn you, never put shrimp in front of me, without expecting me to be a total pig! (That is why I usually serve them portioned out, so I don't embarrass myself with the biggest pile of tails at the end of the appetizer course!) These were so delish that I just could not stop myself until every last one was gone. They are calorie bargains and there is just something about the taste that sends me to the moon! The conversation was lively and ran the usual gamut from soup(literally - my friend makes theeeee best low cal veggie soup in the world) to nuts...that is the guy she is married to! We actually tasted some sea salted almonds that were soooooo good!

So, today's food was:

Breakfast: Two GF hotdog buns, one with butter for my egg, and one with peanut butter for fun. By the time I finished breakfast, I was so full I couldn't move! And my usual glass of skim milk as well.

Lunch: banana and a bottle of water - I was on the move and didn't have the heart to eat lunch before we left, but had the foresight to carry this with me.

Supper: Shrimp for starters....I honestly lost count of these little beauties. With mandatory seafood sauce to dip them in. Two slices of very lean beautifully cooked pork loin roast, 2/3 cup of mashed potatoes with 2 tsp of butter, five baby carrots, 2/3 cup of oil and vinegar dressed salad, 1/3 cup of gravy (soooooo good!) A clemintine orange, and about 4 chunks of beet pickles 1/4 cup of beet pickle juice, served with style in a wine glass. Don't ask. It is a sickness. I love pickle juice, and I totally lucked out because the jar was emptied at supper time!

Snack: cup of hot chocolate made by hubby's loving hands - far too sweet to drink, so I had about three sips of it. Yutch. I do not really like chocolate, or that much sweet in a cup! I will save it to put some of it in my coffee in the morning.

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