Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Power breakfast

this morning was a bowl of oatmeal with brown sugar and a cup of skim milk.

Lunch: home made potato and onion soup, with ONION RINGS! I bought this onion ring mix (gluten free of course) which was supposed to make baked rings. Don't believe it! I put about 1/2 inch of oil in the fry pan, and did them up that way...calorie laden? For sure. But for someone who loves onion rings and hasn't had them since MAY 2009, it was well worth the extra calories. It makes me cringe to think how many calories there must be in real onion rings from A&W. I could never eat a whole order by myself, but I had no problem downing six of these! I am beginning to notice the way I feel after eating certain foods. If I feel good? It goes on the "list" - if I don't? Off it goes. If something doesn't make you feel good immediately after eating it, what are the chances it will be kind to your digestive tract? So, that being said, there are tons of good feel foods! It makes grocery shopping even easier, too. You just eliminate certain categories from your diet, and lean on the things that agree with you. I no longer have to travel the "bread" aisle at the grocery store. Crackers? Cookies? NO! That gets rid of an awful lot right there. Cereal section? Forget it! Even canned goods are rife with gluten. There are a few soups that are okay...thank goodness that Habitant Pea Soup is okay, because I LOVE it! Anyway, that pretty much leaves meat, veg and dairy. I honestly think I am happier eating this way, although last year at this time? I would have fought to the death to keep eating ciabatta! I do miss croutons in my salad though, but almonds make a nice crunchy addition. And dill pickles? Another favourite that is an easy substitute for a sweet ending to a meal. I have a tendency to eat sweets for the meal, rather than the "afters". Pancakes for supper anyone? I used to get so sick from them, and now I eat the gluten free ones? NO problem at all. Real maple syrup has an additional "cleaning " property when introduced to my system, too! So, bonus! LOL

Supper: Major problem here. It is now almost seven thirty and I have no interest in making a meal now. So, just to give myself a shot in the behind I think I will hmmmm do what? Ah of course. I have some perogies I wanted to try out. Hmmm....maybe a salad? Something meaty would be nice. Ah, to heck with it. Think I will crack a can of soup and call it a day. Yep. That is what I will do! So, eventually I did have something for supper. Two apples, an ounce and a half of farmer's cheese, and the lonely onions and piece of cauliflower that were left in the sweet mix pickle jar. not really WW article food, is it? LOL

Top Ten for the day: (I was never very good at math....)

1. Try out my new Clarisonic face brush - AND get out of my nightgown!
2. Clean master bedroom and bathroom, possibly get rid of a few things from the closet
3. make 0-1 point soup for lunch
4. clean out the refrigerator
5. whittle away at Mt. Washmore; do at least two loads start to finish, begin ironing for trip, while I am doing all the rest of this stuff.
6. give Rick a haircut
7. make appointments for next week..hair and toes.
8. dust, vacuum, really clean up the kitchen as in wash down the cupboards well.
9. sort through clothes for trip
10. polish shoes for trip
11. Con Rick into doing, er, ask, Rick to do the hard floors!
12. Clean off this messy desk!

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