Monday, February 1, 2010

Guess what I did with my egg poacher?

I used it to heat up leftovers for my supper! Two cups held leftover peas and carrots, two held potatoes mmmm whipped with cream cheese!. Voila! Hot meal for one! It was so easy to reheat this microwave to wreck havoc on my nutrients! And the pot and little cups go into the dishwasher. How slick is that?

Today was quiet. It started with a war whoop though, as I weighed myself and found myself within one pound of my pre-cruise low. Yahoo! That eight pounds was easy to lose! The first four went the first day home and the rest came off in a week. So,no fat gained there, just bloat from salt and air travel! If only real weight would come off as easily. We walked a lot on the get to the restaurant was a hike! Not to mention the walk off the ship to the towns we visited, and then the relentless shopping!

Now, my next adventure will be to Thompson. I am looking forward to sitting with Giselle and Glenda, and just being there. As we were on the phone today, I could hear Giselle yakking up a storm. She has the gestures, and the expressions down pat, and she knows what she is saying! Soon we all will! Pete will be down here for a conference or course or something, so we won't see him. Bad timing, I guess, but that is what life is like in the fast lane. If we don't do the trip now, it will be summer before we get another chance...heaven forbid that we have moderate temperatures in Thompson! If my feet don't stick to the floor of the car in the morning, it can't be Thompson. Last time we went, I stayed wrapped in a blanket until we hit Grand Rapids and it warmed up! But, with the new car, it will be less of a worry. Snow tires are in place. All systems go!

Breakfast: Two poached eggs, one slice of toast & butter, skim milk

Lunch: Sugar slumped drastically at 12:30, so I had some canned peaches, skim milk, antipasto and GF breadsticks (cute little things with a crunch - I crumbled them onto a nappie of antipasto and ate away!)

Supper: 1/2cup potatoes, rice pudding cup, 1/2 cup of peas and carrots, skim milk. Grapes while I waited for it all to heat.

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