Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Morning

Another day of slippery streets in Wichita. The 'Good Egg' is steps away, yet we were driven to breakfast this morning. No winter boots, just shoes made for a slippery experience! The restaurant was great though...two poached eggs and some country fried potatoes, half glass of orange juice made my breakfast. The coffee here really isn't strong enough for my tastes, so I usually go cold turkey on caffeine.

Last night we had Chinese food...I have the leftovers in the frig for this afternoon. Every time I open the frig door, the odour wafts over me! MMMM love that food!

So, last night I did a little research on the shops in Bradley Square. Although I am pushing sixty, I just didn't feel like the stores were for me...styles were just too old! lol Anyway, one shop caught my eye...J Jill. Very flowy, comfy things. Sort of what old hippies would wear as seniors. Now there is a concept! Tonight, we will check it out in person and I will let you know! They have women's sizes, online, so hopefully they will carry them in the store as well, although reviewers did say they often didn't. ANYWAY that is the plan for today, and an interesting Accessory shop for women looks promising too. I need a nice silk scarf that will tie a lot the basic pieces together. As it turns out, I will need a scarf that has red, black, turquoise, white, grey and beige would be perfect, but highly unlikely to find! So, any combinations would be fine. And the more the merrier! It won't be too long before I really will get that closet cleaned out, but I have come to the conclusion that it is just easier to wait until it is all horribly too big and get rid of it all that guilt, no maybes.

So, there is my plan for the day. I am ready to kill for a slice of even crappy gluten free bread. My room food standby is canned beans, and as much as I love them, that can get tiring. Notice how I politely did not to mention other side effects that are not appreciated in close quarters?

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