Saturday, February 13, 2010

Northern Ladies Who Lunch

Well, we are home safe and sound once more...although this time? I am particularly grateful for my continuing good health.

It all started simply enough...a lunch at a local spot. Sounded good to me. So, with baby in tow, off my daughter-in-law and I went, arriving in good time,to save a prime spot for ourselves, and two other ladies who were soon to join us. We were to be the first to hit the buffet - that is a big plus in my books, north, south, east or west! I was thrilled to find a few dishes on offer that didn't contain gluten. The five of us sat down to a rather rowdy lunch, as most meals are with babies who have just turned sixteen months of age, catching up on news, and sharing old stories as well. We tucked into our meals with gusto. The canned peaches were especially good, having been soaked in wine, to the best of my guestimation. After my second helping, I just had to know what gave these simple canned peaches their tart and "fizzy" taste.

The waitress, a very chatty and obliging woman by nature, said "I have no idea what the cook has done to them...but I will taste one and tell you...but not here. Iam going to go to the kitchen and will be right back after I taste it!" While I was waiting for her, I polished off another serving of these little gems, with a spoonful of cottage cheese they were absolutely delightful. When she came back, her face was white, and she said "Don't eat the peaches". "Why?" we asked in unison. We had really been enjoying them, although none of us were able to figure out exactly what that flavour wine?

"Why not?" we asked the reticent waitress. "Well" she said. "The assistant cook is lazy, and mixed old fruit in with the new...the peaches are bad! REALLY bad." All of a sudden, we felt just a tad queasy. "But they were so good!" we said. "No accounting for taste." she said. It will be awhile before I join the Northern Ladies for lunch again.

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