Friday, February 5, 2010

Making a list, and checking it twice....

I love the wardrobe items that I bought last year, using Tim Gunn's Ten Essential list! Since we are travelling to the US, home of the chubby fashionistas, I will be able to replace all of the items with similar ones in a smaller size. Especially important to me, is getting some new snug jeans. I am so tired of hitching up my jeans! So, just for fun, I thought I would share what I really wear. To me? Black is my go to colour. Primarily because it is available, but also because it really suits me. My absolute best colour in the whole world, is is lipstick red...not burgundy, but a firey cherry red. LOVE that colour! Anyway, this is what I really wear, to spite having a ten foot closet jammed with clothing that I can't seem to part with just yet. When it is too big? Out it goes, but the ones left are just borderline...for the next ten pounds, they can stay where they are! The first items fall into Tim Gunn's list, but after that? Just stuff I couldn't live without this winter....I will get back to you on the summer list!

1. jeans, black

2. turtleneck, black

3. short sleeved, v-neck t shirt (when I find one this time, I am buying them ALL!!!)

4. black skirt

5. black dressy pants

6. Dressy tunic top

7. Cardigan sweater

8. black dress, that takes to accessories really well

9. black evening dress

10.leather and suede gloves in various colours, coordinating scarves.

11. miscellaneous tops, that I never seem to wear much because I really love #2 and #3! But on cold days? love wearing my over sized cowl neck sweaters, one in a nubby, woolly brown, the other in a smoothly knit purple. Very long, comfy with leggings.

12. sweatshirt alternatives...well, no alternatives. My life needs grey track suits for all the car travelling we do! Grey really works the best, doesn't attract lint, or too much attention.

13. about six day dresses

14. Leopard full length faux fur, red quilted jacket.

15. Black suede boots with a medium heel, red short pull on flat boots, with really warm lining!

16. Undies. My 'small' undergarments are now my 'comfy' ones, and I am not shy about telling you that I have two pink sets, one gray set, one black set and one beige set. A set to me, is a bra, cotton panties and silky panties in the same shade) Plus three slips of varying lengths, to suit the dresses. Two pairs of sox, white and black (I am sooooo not a sock person, but I try) and about six pairs of pantyhose ready to wear, in different shades.

17. Dress Shoes: one pair of comfy medium heel evening slides, one pair of walking shoes, one pair of high black pumps, and a lower pair of strappy patent pumps for dancing the night away. AND a pair of slides with leopard print heels. (Not bad considering I have about fifty pairs of shoes, just because.... but I am listing the things I really wear!)

18. bathing suits. Three that fit, but a new one that is much more practical in hot tubs! The skirted style has a tendency to inflate in water, and make your bosom appear to be a life vest...

19. A red Pashmina

20. opera length pearls, earrings, bracelet

21. A black necklace made with very light large beads, spaced on a 72" cord I bought in Germany a few years ago. It goes with everything!

22. long shirt nighties in various states of decomposure. I really must do something about that!

23. House shoes.

24. a pair of Royal Stuart plaid flats that are soooooooo perfect with so many things, but not very comfy for long walks. To wear to movies, lunches, etc.

25. Black leggings, black leotards

Now, that is hardly enough clothing to fill a ten foot closet, double hung. But, these are the things I go to constantly when getting ready to go out. They are familiar, and really earn their keep. The peripheral things are nice to have to change things up a bit, but when all is said and done? They are completely unnecessary in a perfect world. Being the insecure being that I am, and distrusting of the universe to provide me with clothing that is ample enough for me, I continue to hang onto the just about too big for me clothing "for now". I am thinking another ten pounds, and it will be time to break out the garbage bags!

Today, I had a little company, and did a little laundry. Returned several calls, so before I knew it? It was supper time, and I hadn't even begun to think about it! Rick came to the rescue with a takeout menu from a new place just down the street and around the corner...with a quick stop to buy Dove chocolate at the drug store!

Breakfast: two eggs, English muffin and butter, skim milk, peanut butter
Lunch: Antipasto, two laughing cow triangles, water
supper: Chop suey, almond chicken, rice, sparkly flavoured water
Snack: Dove chocolate - 180 calories worth of the best milk chocolate I have had in a long time!

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