Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ten Dollars and Ten Minutes

My regular stylist wasn't available when we were home last week. I took a chance and had a haircut (not bad) but I just didn't want to chance a pricey colouring. For high lights and low lights, it runs about $140.00 without a cut, so not something you want to take a chance on at all.

Since I was not thrilled with the colour's (Aveda) staying power anyway, (the brown turned rusty pink) I had been toying with doing a colour at home. There is enough grey in my hair to create highlights as the grey hair doesn't accept the colour as well anyway. Well, this is how it worked out. I bought the L'Oreal TO GO kit in a shade to hit between the high and low lights, and woke hubby up at six yesterday morning to do the deed. There was an initial learning curve, where I had to explain the process, but in twenty minutes? Hubby was so pleased! When he found out how much money we saved, he was quick to commit to doing it for me whenever it was needed! Anyway, in such a short time? It was done. I will not miss spending the whole afternoon at the salon with gunk and foils on my head at all! The condition of my hair is just as nice as when it was salon done, as there was a super conditioner included in the box, to keep the shine alive for weeks. The colour can be redone on my timetable, which is a huge factor. Now, the only downside is hubby's suggestion to try platinum....sigh. The man still thinks I am the woman he married that could get away with things like that!

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