Saturday, February 13, 2010

So nice to be home....

I finished the book I was reading on the way home yesterday while hubby made breakfast. Oh, how I love my poached eggs on perfectly toasted GF English muffins. Nobody does it better! The same nobody that vacuums and cleans when I am fed up with the whole routine. What a guy.

So, tonight's supper is a mystery to me. Since we are only here for a few days, there is no point buying food, so I guess we will scrounge around in the kitchen, or else go out to eat. A baked potatoe with cottage cheese sounds interesting at the moment...wait a minute. That would be lunch! I MISSED A MEAL! OH NO! I will wither away to nothing!

Lunch: toasted GF hamburger bun with an ounce of cheddar,four olives and peanut butter jar scrapings
Supper: Fine dining again....chili at Wendy's and fries, shared a hot chocolate with the man, who also scorfed down a big cookie...grrrrr
Snack: Bridge mix at the movies....far too many calories to admit to! (about 600! ARGGGGG)

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