Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Third day out...

living in a hotel suite is do-able, but challenging.

Monday night we had spinach pizza from Houston's, hand delivered delivered by my favourite local resident! Basically, it is pizza crust brushed with olive oil, tons of spinach finished with a topping of feta cheese. Love it! We had it with Caesar salad and light dressing. Yesterday, lunch was a pre-packaged Safeway Oriental salad with precooked chicken breast for each of us was under five points, including the dressing. Supper? Habitant pea soup and toast. While out shopping, we picked up a KFC chicken breast, and took off all but one tiny bite of skin..mmmm good! The snack of the week? Juicy oranges that on sale at Safeway for 4.99 for a humongous box. And, best of all we have Skinny Cow fudge bars for desserts. MMMM good. Today we are having baked potatoes with cottage cheese for lunch, and an as of yet undetermined supper! A quick shop will take care of that.

There are so many options in the stores, that low cal solutions are just a step and your imagination away. In this hotel, we have the luxury of a little kitchenette that has frig, micro, kettle and toaster. We brought along our own little skillet to make eggs for breakfast so we are very well equipped. I keep all of the kitchen items in a suitcase that is easy to bring along at a moment's notice. The fresh food travels in a lined tote that also keeps our "car food" within easy reach. Subway provides the "mobile" meals that we need to purchase when we are on the go, without pushing me over the edge, points wise. However, a bag of Sun Chips was my undoing this week, as it was a constant beacon to my munchmeter until every bit of crispy goodness was gone! Can't think of a better way to use my Flex points though! They were delish.

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