Friday, April 11, 2008


I was up very early this morning, and decided to try eating oatmeal for breakfast. It wasn't much of a point saver, as Splenda Brown Sugar Blend is irresistible! Points for skim milk, Splenda and oatmeal from 1/2 cup dry came in at 6.5 points. I wonder if it will keep me going like my usual eggs. There is 13.2 gms of protein in the oatmeal, vs. 14.6 in two eggs, so they come in pretty close...I think the fat in the eggs keeps you going, too, though. And of course, the bread and butter! They say to shake things up a bit, and I really have been quite inflexible when it comes to my breakfast. If nothing else, I will really appreciate tomorrow morning's toast and eggs!

Anyway, life is getting back to normal...sort of! Last night we had a very early night, and this morning, it was quite easy to wake up at five thirty when the neighbours let their hound out for his morning constitutional. If there was a reason to move, it is having our bedroom window too close to the neighbours!

Spring has finally arrived. It is time to have the snow tires removed, and start planning what we need to do in the yard. We are picking up our paintings from the framers today, so hopefully, painting the house will begin sometime soon. We are getting our new tubs installed in May, so we are on a bit of a deadline here. We need to find new fixtures for the upstairs bathrooms, and with my aversion to shopping, that itself is an ordeal of unusual proportions. Hopefully there will be the perfect thing at Rona to save me! So, onward and upward to face another day. The scales are going down, but slowly. I am so far behind on my goals, that I found it best to just delete the column from my spreadsheet and move on. Talk about a plateau! Man, I am struggling uphill with a piano on my back! How can this be a plateau? Doesn't that mean a resting place?

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