Saturday, April 19, 2008

Thank goodness!

The scale is moving downward again. Could it be the spring weather? Whatever it is, I welcome the loss with open arms! It is easy to be busy when the sun is shining and you don't have to hold your breath from the house to the car...even when it is an attached garage! I am telling you, it gets cold here that even metabolisms freeze!

So, today was spent running errands and searching for home improvement items. We have two bathrooms to freshen up with new flooring and fixtures - presently, we have those low flush toilets that are oh so energy efficient...until you have to flush them three times! So, out they go. And since we have to remove the vanity to put down new flooring, may as well replace the sinks, too. Of course the mirrors don't match, and the medicine cabinets are out dated...and the lighting fixtures? Passe. I am not decorating, I am making a snowball and rolling it down a mountain! Anyway, there are lots of neat things our there for bathrooms, so finding simple and functional isn't going to be difficult. Finding reasonably priced? Well, that is another question!
What has this got to do with Weight Watchers? Well, anyone with a high fibre consumption KNOWS what this has got to do with Weight Watchers!

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