Monday, April 28, 2008

Getting back on track...

is so much easier when I am left to fend for myself! It is so good to be back in my own kitchen! Tonight's supper was Cheemo perogies...just had a hankering for them. They are little devils, but quite tasty. Six of these two bite wonders come in at four points, so that is pretty reasonable. Of course, I had twelve of them, with sour cream. All out of onions though, and that was a shame. Didn't realize that until I had myself anticipating starchy goodness!

I have a very loose menu plan this week. A huge Costco bag of spinach will be the basis for most of the meals...tomorrow night I will bake a potato, and serve it up with a mound of wilted spinach with butter. I also bought some Canadian bacon, so that might be good with the spinach and potato...perhaps small dice browned up would be good to sprinkle on top. An extra large egg has 7.3 gms of protein, and the bacon comes in at 11.8 gms of protein for 89 calories. Bonus! There are 5.8 gms of fat in an egg compared to only 4 in the bacon. So, every little thing counts. I could make a modified "egg McMuffin" for breakfast, just to introduce something new to my life!

Spinach pizza made on a "Flat Out" tortilla is also an option. Brushed with a bit of olive oil, sprinkled with seasonings, mounded with spinach and topped with Feta, food doesn't get much better than that! Of course a few mushrooms and thinly sliced onion just makes it better! MMMMMM food!

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