Friday, April 25, 2008


One more day left of the trip. I must say, I am looking forward to going home, and getting some work done! We have so much to do before May 4th. We are re-doing both upstairs bathrooms at once, so it will be interesting to see how we manage for a few days using the same little powder room! After that, there will be deck staining, planting and hardscaping to do, and only then will the paint brushes be brandished with wild abandon inside the rest of the house. Still don't know what colours, but I imagine a trip or two to the paint store ought to do the trick....the old 'know when I see it' routine.

Last night we had dinner at Angkor, a Thai restaurant. I am not a noodle person, but my oh my what they do to a rice noodle! Very tasty, very spicy. We avoided the dishes with the sweet sauces that I love, and stuck to the simpler things. They were all done so well, it was a pleasure to eat every bite. I must admit that I have gone over points this week. It is very difficult to be away from home so much and to stay on program. However, that being said, I think I am about five hundred calories over the limit, so in the grand scheme of things, that shouldn't be too detrimental. You just never know, though, do you? Knowing what you are doing and chosing not to do it is one thing but having things sneak up on you is quite another!

Generally, there weren't too many changes I have had to make on program, so few, in fact that I am hard pressed to remember what they could be. I measure everything now, and find that what I thought was half a cup is really a third of a cup...bonus! It takes the same amount of butter to cover a slice of bread whether you count it or not. One of the changes I have made, is the type of bread I choose now. It is all about the calories. I used to get those wonderful, flavourful mixed grain breads, until I found out they were two points a slice! Big difference between a sandwich with 1 point for the bread and 4! And cheese. I used to reach for a slice of good cheese as a longer. I buy the shredded variety, and seems to me that I dole it out one shred at a time!

On the other hand? There are a lot of additions to my daily diet. Three meals and a snack every day for starters! And sometimes a morning snack, too! I don't think I could go back to skipping meals, and definitely I could not manage to eat once a day, like I did during my younger years, BD (before diabetes). I have discovered that a hearty breakfast is a necessity, a simple lunch of a sandwich, soup or salad, and supper of meat and potatoes, with vegetables works the best for me. Simple, simple, simple. Why didn't I listen to my mother when she told me exactly that? We never listen do we? LOL

I never cared for pasta much, but actually like it now, as I don't eat it with a meat sauce. That always was too rich for my system. A simple tomato sauce is so easy,and is so kind to the digestion! Maybe that is why this journey is taking so long. Although slow? The progress is being made. There won't be a sudden dramatic weight loss for me, I am sure of that, but not gaining and gradual loss is okay too. So even a pound a month is appreciated. No point moaning about not being able to go faster. My body is doing the best it can, so it just may take me 1040 weeks where it takes the average bear 104 to lose what I have to lose. Either way, I am on program...I just won't be 'maintaining' as quickly!

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