Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sunny days

are a treat. I haven't done a thing in the house as I had planned, but I did get out and about! Today was Costco shopping - eventually everything necessary for life shows up at Costco, you know. But today? It was just the basic. Zip Loc freezer bags, milk and oh, yes...a bath mat and hand towels in taupe. Can't quite decide if they will be in the main bathroom, or the master bath, but the rug is a little strange, and such a pleasant colour! The rug reminds me of earthworms - thick soft strands, in an updated version of shag. Hopefully, it won't crush.

The handtowels in taupe are a real walk on the wild side - my mindset has always been that towels should be white. BUT it is nice to have a bit of variety! Then, of course, there was this set of battery operated spice mills....couldn't pass them up! I am such a gadget hound, it would be unthinkable, even though there were two pepper grinders in the cupboard the moment I bought the new ones. They won't be there tomorrow, so there is one problem solved!

Other than that? Nothing new in the neighbourhood. The good news? I was down another pound this morning. I read an article about why your weight fluctuates, but I prefer to believe that sometimes, life just works in your favour!

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