Tuesday, April 29, 2008

All alone am I....

and when the cat is away, the mice will play.

Late for breakfast, I decided it would be a good day to add the Canadian Bacon. WELL! For 2 points you get 19 gms of protein and 2gms of fat PLUS a whole whack of flavour. I made eggs over easy, and toasted some Oat Hull Bread (Safeway) for a really bang up breaky if I ever did see one! The bacon had "browned bits" from being warmed up in a teflon skillet, and although didn't have the familiar crunch of bacon, it hopefully will not react with my skin like bacon does....it is absolute nonsense that what you eat doesn't affect your skin. I am still paying for an indulgence on the cruise...cheescake...within points, but not within my personal limits! Anyway, the Freybe gets a hats off from me this morning, and for quite a long time coming. The Costco packaging was huge! I can see this turning up in all sorts of quick meal ideas, and having good flavour and a good protein content for a fair point value sure works for me! The salt of course, has to be taken into account, so on the day that you have this cured meat, you just have to take it easy on any other packaged foods throughout the day.

I have several projects in mind for today, but whether I will get to them or not is a different story! I am still working on cleaning my closet...it really is the tale that never ends. You get it pared down, and then the seasonal change messes it all up!

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