Monday, October 1, 2012

Wanna see my refrigerator?

My Tupperware order arrived today! So, needless to say, I spent the remainder of the day sorting and stuffing those lovelies. There is a designated space for everything now.The system works well in the pantry, as I am sure it will in the refrigerator. After all, it is just a big cupboard for cold things, right? Each vegetable now has it's own happy little home, and to save confusion, I am just going to keep all of the containers in their spot filled with food or not.  We usually have the same types of veggies, so I think this will work out very well.

Tomorrow, I am going to make the salad for the week, and put it into one of  the largest containers as recommended on a YouTube video. A reliable source right? So much better than filling Ziploc bags with salad, and  having them get all squishy in the drawers.  It is amazing how an entire shelf of dairy fit into the crisper drawer with room to spare. It will be so easy to reach in and just pick what I need, instead of shuffling things off of other things. No matter how often you organize the refrigerator, what you need always seems to be under or hiding behind something else.  When I use the lettuce from the square container tomorrow, I will have a large space to store the round containers of  leftovers in one spot, next to the egg bin. (the white container, top shelf, right)That will allow free access to the drink shelf, that now has leftovers in front of the juices. 

One of my crisper drawers now holds all of the dairy products with tons of room to spare and the other has citrus fruits and apples. A big no no in the fruit and veg world but no problems so far, and I have been doing it for years. The meat and cheese drawer needs a makeover, but there is time for that tomorrow.  There is a large ham hiding behind on the bottom shelf, but it will be gone on Saturday, or at least shuffled into a tidier package. No need to have access to it, until Friday, so all is well.  That fruit drawer could use a bit of work, too, coulnd't it?

I was inspired to create in the kitchen, so now the whole house smells of cabbage rolls! They are all tucked away in a glass dish ready to put into the freezer in the morning, ready for our company at the end of the week. There is a fair bit of meat in them, so keeping them out for over five days  wouldn't work. So, they will be ready to thaw and serve on whatever day we decide to use them.  All of my groceries are purchased and tucked away for the week, so all that is left to do is to pick up is some Brussels sprouts and asparagus for my darling son, as well as some sliced sandwich meet for lunches over the weekend. Finding gluten free salami is quite the challenge, but I will have time this week to shop at a leisurely pace...perhaps after my doctors appointment when I am dressed and out! That will give me a little more time to focus on the projects I have planned for the week.

Deep cleaning is scheduled for tomorrow.  Top of the list is my closet and drawers...yet again.  I want to sort out the clothes for our trip to Mexico and have them washed and ironed, ready to go before November sneaks up on us far too quickly each year! I also need to go through my winter things to see what can be salvaged for the coming season. The focus is on the Master Bed and Bath this week, so a good clean out of the vanity in the bathroom is in order as well. Since changing to Lily products for my skin, I have very little clutter. A few products take care of me very well, and best of all? They fit compactly into one bag for easy packing!

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