Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Night On The Town

Last night we went to the Forks and had dinner at the Beachcomber Restaurant.  A zillion calories later, I am here to tell the tale.

Being the fussy, hard to please, gluten intolerant person that I am, I found everything to be tasty, and as of this morning? Safe! The bacon wrapped scallops  were a bit disappointing because the bacon was not crispy, but there were two others at the table to help munch through them so they didn't go to waste.

For starters, I had a 'California Dreaming' salad that was amazing. It was loaded with fruit, creamy goat cheese and topped a fabulous dressing.  It was a good thing I wasn't counting calories, because the salad was a meal in itself!  For my main,  I had a baseball steak. Now, for a "little" meat eater, this was quite the feat. I ate the WHOLE THING!  It was served with pomme frites that just rocked! Crispy, crispy, crispy, with the tender beef? Perfect combo. A nice amount of steamed vegetables filled out the plate nicely. When the dessert menu came, since I was about to blow up from sheer fullness, I left the choice to dear husband, and asked for a spoon to "taste" his choice of rice pudding. The waiter actually brought a nice long handled  iced tea spoon to make it easier to steal  his dessert! Now that was impressive. All in all, we were out to the wee hours, arriving home at nine o'clock - barely enough time to put on our PJ's and share a cup of peppermint tea!  Such wild people we are, eh?  It was a lovely night with good friends, and I was very pleased with my dinner!

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