Saturday, October 13, 2012


We went, we shopped, we ATE!!!! Man oh man. It is gluten free heaven down there!

The first day, we went to supper at Applebee's, the second day, we mustered up our "will do" attitude, and attacked Buffalo wild Wings. OH MY GOODNESS!  Rather their goodness!  Gluten free, sticky, crispy goodness. I was bound and determined to finish every scrap, so as to have no regrets.  I ate every single morsel except for one small fry, drowning in the ketchup!  This place has got to serve the best wings ever. Can not say enough good things about the cleanliness, the service or the good value for price. Mmmm Mmmmmmm good!  We ate at one yesterday, and I was unable to have a single bite until this morning at eight thirty.  Not the greatest for the diabetes management, but truthfully, I just could not eat a single thing more yesterday. I often wonder how people pack away restaurant meals like that on a regular basis. Of course, if you live in the same place, you could pack it home and have another two meals after you ate a reasonable portion at the restaurant!  Being three hours from home blew that option out of the park, so I ATE IT ALL and I am not sorry!

Now, the shopping was another matter. It was difficult to spend the 200 dollars that you are allowed duty free for a 24 hour trip. Finally, Bed Bath and Beyond offered up some neat things for both of us, and we were able to return home with a car full of goodies. I bought a few items of clothing suitable for our upcoming trip to orange scarf, a coral shift dress, and yet another black tee shirt type top. BUT in my defense, I did not have a single top with peep holes on the shoulders!  No purses, no shoes, that was it. BUT I did find a neat wall hanging, and some frig Binz products to corral both my eggs and drink cans (notice how there is just enough room to hide the juice boxes behind the drink keeper?) in the Frig.  I love organizers, so it was worth the trip down just for those!  Project ORGANIZE THE REFRIGERATOR is just about done with the addition of these little beauties!

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