Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's me wearing Baby Sleepers!

 No, not quite.  Would you believe dresses that feel like baby sleepers?  I found a velvet, stretchy Susan Graver dress on QVC last year...bought it in black of course. (the picture shows me sporting a scarf that my dear granddaughter picked out for me all by herself! A treasure indeed. )  

After several shopping trips this fall, I could not find two new dresses. So, I simply reordered the same dress in another two different colours! Counting on the fact that they look so different in each colour, I could really care less if I wear the same thing day after day! I love a plain backdrop for all the baubles and bangles I have collected over time. 

One is a chocolate brown...the colour of creamy hot milk chocolate. The other is a deep, rich navy blue. All three colours lend themselves well to accessories that I already own, and all three dresses are cozy, and more importantly, comfy.  Just like baby sleepers!  All occassion, too. They can be dressed up or down, and the fit is loose, but flattering. I think that is because of the stretch fabric, and the silky 'backside' of the fabric that just flows over the body, and hangs so nicely over all the bumps! So, if you are looking for a good comfy dress for all occasions this winter, and are a fan of swing dresses, this might work for you too!  By the way, it packs very well. Not a crease in them after the long trip from the US in a QVC plastic bag!  They also have a future. When they have outgrown me, they will make great lounge dresses.

Speaking of 'outgrowing me', I am presently wearing my new blue jeans purchased on Black Friday of last year. I put them in the closet when we returned home, and frankly never wore any jeans other than my old ones, last summer. After having my pants droop beyond the pale (reader beware of mental images that will not erase) last week, I decided that it was definitely time to break in the new ones...well, in the year's time that has passed, these now are rather large as well. They are supposed to be snug as they have that tummy control feature, but to tell the truth, I need a whip and a chair to tame the entity that resides beneath me....sigh. But it is good news to know that my new jeans are comfy and roomy now too! Next trip, I will have to try on the next size down, for next year!  By the way, the whole world knew I was sporting a smaller size, because I forgot one sticker on the thigh of the jeans. Just discovered it when I returned home and wondered what in  heck was stuck to the back of me!  So, I am proud of sporting the size, though! Everything in life is comparative, and I remember a time when the largest of larges wouldn't fit. Sometimes you are happily forced to acknowledge progress, no matter how slow it may be.

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