Thursday, October 4, 2012

So many things accomplished today!

Sometimes I just amaze myself, I do, I do!  After the cleaning and laundry marathon this morning, we toddled off to do our errands. Shopping is made so much easier by remembering to take the list!

We both enjoyed our stop at Staples. What is this fascination  with stationery? I could spend hours there. I found a purse sized bright red weekly calendar for 2013. I usually buy a large desk calendar, but found that I rarely used all of that space now that our lives have settled down to a dull roar, and I have often wished I had one at hand in my purse instead! So, this one should fill the bill quite nicely. The bonus is one more thing NOT on my desk, the downside is that there will be one more item in my purse!

We went on to Costco, where hubby had a great time sampling. They even had one gluten free snack that I could taste this time....wild sockeye salmon on a cracker. MMM good.  Will definitely purchase that salmon when our present stock is depleted. I bought far too many nummy things for the weekend. I usually can't buy that huge container of grapes from Costco, because even though I love them, I can't eat a lot of them since they are so high in sugar. But, since the kids were coming why not? .....and wonder of wonders, everything fit into those new containers just perfectly. The only things that aren't containerized are the Brussels sprouts and fancy carrots, that have remained in their own packaging, so they should be quite safe until we eat them up! Using the crisper drawers for condiments and dairy really frees up refrigerator space.  I actually have meat in the meat keeper drawer now.  Will miracles never cease?

Tomorrow we are going to go to Lee Valley to pick up a pair of super oven mitts for Barbeque boy. I find it so easy to buy presents for the girls, but when it comes to my own son? I have no idea what to get for him. So, I finally found a Blue Bombers apron for him, he needed oven mitts as well. I looked at the matching mitts, but they were the type that go up in flames if you use them too close to the heat. Instead, I found gloves that are made of "fireman" fabric, and cover the forearm as well. I think he will like them as they are so practical. So I hope I have a happy baby this weekend!

I am really looking forward to having them back to stay in the house, but this time it is only for a very short time. Sniff. This empty nest just keeps on echoing......

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