Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cleaning Day

How do you clean all of the bathroom cupboards, clean all of the lighting fixtures,  vacuum thoroughly, scrub the bathrooms until they shine and dust the house from top to bottom? GET HELP!!!!

Wednesday is Ladies Day - cleaning ladies that is! I am starting to wonder why I didn't admit to needing help long ago. I must admit I enjoy the extra time I have to focus on detailed cleaning instead of doing the routine chores and tiring out after doing them! Keeping up is simple, and laundry is dealt with easily enough if I keep up with one load a day. Problem is, that you need to gather a load of a specific type in order to do it efficiently, so today is catch up day....all of the "types" are due to be done! It is better for your washer to rest between loads, so if I do one each morning and one each evening it will be better for both of us!  I must admit that there are perks to getting old and feeble!

Tomorrow's plan is to start the winter deep purging  in the master bedroom. I have made a start on the master bathroom, and have a bed full of all that came out of it! I would like to get every speck of dust out of the house, but especially in our bedroom.  Running a couple of Oreck air cleaners has really helped keep the dust at bay, (one up, one down) but it does tend to build up in nooks and crannies.  Of course, that is the plan, but we will see what happens. I have the kitchen deep cleaned, all shelves and drawers, so a quick  wipe down of the fronts  is what it needs. The stove was done last time, and the refrigerator is a work in progress. An army runs on it's stomach, as does a family. Speaking of which, the kids are coming on Thursday evening. I really enjoy having the house full and watching them run! So glad I can sit back and enjoy the granddaughter while my dear d-i-l does all of the work to keep her just so!

Speaking of beds, how often do you change your linens? We try to do it every week, on Friday, but somehow, that has been changed to Wednesday....mainly because I like to feel like all of the chores are all done, leaving me the rest of the week free.  But, as well you know, they really never ever will be! You can always find a bit of schmutz!  But on the surface, it looks good, and going to bed on Wednesday night is always a pleasure, at least with the belief, no matter how temporary,  that the house is all clean at once! 

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