Thursday, October 25, 2012

Menu Plan

Well, I went out and bought groceries...more of  a "fill in" actually. Celery, cucumber, you know, the stuff that needs replacing!  The Fridge Smart containers are doing a wonderful job...everything that I put into them last grocery day is still fresh as a daisy, yet some things I purchased at the same time and did not put in the containers? Mouldy mush! I am well pleased, as already my life became just a little simpler!  

I found a new use for the pickle container.  It holds cruditès perfectly in icy water...makes them crisp and crunchy for easy nibbling.  My dear friend has restarted Weight Watchers on the new plan that allows vegetables and fruit to go uncounted...what a deal that is!  I am tempted to join again, once they have a sale, just to see how the points work out for all the other things. Seems they are a bit higher, but then, the veg and fruits are all such "bargains".  I think it still boils down to calories in, calories out though. I try to keep mine to about 1600 a day and sometimes 1800-1900 on a restaurant day! That sort of corresponds to the "bonus" points you get with Weight Watchers. 

So, the menu for this week is pretty simple.

Tonight? Leftovers for hubby, spinach salad for us both, and snackage for me....lots of crispy veg and ranch dip.  I had ribs yesterday, so I am really not interested in a repeat so soon! They are very good, but quite heavy on the stomach two nights in a row! I now have four of five ribs, since I found a calorie count for lean meat only. I was overcharging myself so much!  All is better now though. A little meat goes a long way with me. I like it, just not a whole bunch of it. I find getting in 3 oz a day to be a real challenge.  Sweets appeal to me once in a blue moon, and even then, I would rather have a simple milk pudding that sugary cakes and cookies.  I do miss a good bran muffin gluten free alternative for that at all!  I used to make a killer muffin, with dates, and raisins, and all things good from the pantry. Now those were muffins! You made a gigantic batch, then baked them up as you needed them.  Ah, those were the days!

Friday:  business dinner out

Saturday:  pork tenderloin with orange marmalade sauce and sweet potatoes, spinach salad

Sunday: chicken, mashed potatoes, peas and carrots

Monday: hamburger day. Yay!  Meatloaf!  I am going to try mini meatloaves and see if they freeze well.  I will have potatoes leftover from Sunday to serve with it, and steamed veggies to fill out the plate.

Tuesday:  Soup day. Time to clean out the refrigerator!

Wednesday:  Housekeepers day. I think I will bake in the afternoon, to fill that new Tupperware container with the tasty goodness of gluten free muffins.  Pasta is an easy thing to make on a baking day, so pasta it is!  It will also incorporate the leftover meatloaf if I make "poor man's macaroni" which means tossing in the odds and sods of everything in the frig and blending it with some  canned of tomatoes.

Tnursday: Leftovers!

Well, I had better get going and put those groceries away. The man will be returning from Toronto shortly!

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