Saturday, September 29, 2012

Menu Plan for September 30 to October 6

Oriental meatballs with orange sauce and vegetables on rice, simple tossed salad,pumpkin pudding  (pie without the crust, but with a dab of whipped cream of course! I am not a saint!) Too busy fooling with Tupperware to make a dessert, but in my defense? The meal was satisfying on it's own! I live to bake another day....

Salmon and baked home made "fries"

Oven roasted chicken breast with homemade cranberry sauce (made on Sunday) mashed potatoes and green peas & carrots

Homemade Leek and Potato Soup (made on Saturday, of last week) with GF Bread (time to try out those GF mixes I have stashed in the pantry!)

Meeting night: Grilled Cheese, tossed salad,  Jell-0 for dessert - same fare for late homecoming travelers

Friday  Family Dinner
Ham with Hot Mustard Sauce,  Scalloped Potatoes, Vegetable Medley
(A steak for the beef eater!)
a "fancy" store bought dessert for our girls!

Cabbage rolls and leftovers, with a can o'beans to stretch it, if need be!

I have been asked what we eat for breakfast and lunches.  Here is the simple answer!

At the beginning of the week, I like to prep as much as I can ahead to make salad for every meal as well as for easy lunches. For two old people, we go through an incredible amount of lettuce and fresh veggies.  Now that the man has his taste back, I am so enjoying the plethora of flavours in the produce department! Salad around here is defined as a mixture of various vegetables, or sometimes just one! If it is a meal? We add a bit of protein.  For instance, a chopped lettuce salad becomes a meal if you add a drained tin of red salmon .  If you make an oriental dressing, a few bits of roast beef or some quickly thawed shrimp makes a nice addition. Just about anything can be used to tart up the humble veggies for a very low "calorie cost".  As for portion control? It is the dressings you have to worry about, and I get around the need for "lots" by watering down the creamy store boughts with a bit of milk or vinegar, to make it stretch.  It halves the calories. The low fat versions aren't good for me, since they contain more sugars - taste has to come from somewhere!  I also like to use leftover vegetables or kidney beans  in my salads, since I firmly believe that  a vegetable only deserves to be cooked once. Reheating would mean another dirty dish, and that just isn't what I am all about, is it?

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