Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Here is my nasty freezer.  I just cleaned it out a couple of weeks ago, but it only takes one 'hubby search' to displace every single item. My gluten free foods account for a lot of the bits and pieces I found tossed thither and yon. Now they are all in three containers. One for a mix of  buns and bagels, one for sweet things like donuts and another for waffles. It takes me quite awhile to work through a whole package of anything, and all I have to do now?  Is to buy only items for which I have room!

And I am doing a happy Tupperware dance!  I think my favourite part is knowing that having ice in a drink isn't going to take five minutes of shuffling to extricate the ice trays, not to mention the balancing act required to replace them!  The freezer has been transformed. It was a much easier job in than I anticipated!  Who knew that all of that stuff could be contained so easily?  The door holds one package of frozen cranberries, three pounds of butter and an unopened bag of stir fry vegetables.  And space!Lots of space! 

The bottom drawer holds our portions of meat that we package in vacuum pack bags and bread that will be likely used within a couple of days.  It is hard to believe that the jumble will be  never more!  I am relieved that we can keep  the selection of foods that we like, without the disappointment of finding freezer burn when we eventually try to use it. Oh happy day!  This has spurred me on to continue with the upper part of the frig...in the back of my mind of course, is the knowledge that Lady Amana is on her last legs, being well over sixteen years old. At least, she will go out in style, well groomed and organized!  I think these containers would be useful no matter how the refrigerator is configured.  That is my story and I am sticking to it!  I have room for more of the 'medium 1' size, which would be perfect to store one pound of hamburger.  At present, we portion out a huge amount from Costco into small freezer bags, but it would be so much easier to put the container on the scale, measure out the meat and pop the lid on. Ah....something to watch for in the sales on the Tupperware site!  Now it just remains to cut the instructions from the bags of fish, shrimp to tuck into the containers. I KNOW I will forget how long to cook those salmon fillets!

I just happened to notice that there is  a terrific sale on the FridgeMates on my Tupperware lady's site, so I  ordered a couple of sets to transform the vegetable portion of my fridge - sure can't beat the value this week, can you?  A suggestion on one of the videos was to keep the odds and sods of condiments, etc. in the produce drawers to make room for these little beauties.  DONE!  One more interesting suggestion, from another video, was to use the largest container to make salad for a week, so you don't have to go through a big rigmarole to get a few fresh veggies on the table! LOVED that suggestion, because, when it comes to my lunches, I often skip them out of sheer laziness!  Hope springs eternal in the colourful world of Tupper.....

If you have a minute, check out this video for these marvels of modern science at work!


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