Sunday, September 16, 2012


Is coming!  It may not be here right now, but the day is coming where I will be able to get out my new leather jacket and wear it comfortably! So far, in my winter wardrobe, I have one pair of INC pants that fit like a dream...or at least they did last year! Two leather jackets and a plethora of dresses. I won't have to purchase any dress clothes, but I will need a few outfits for every day shopping trips and the like. I have a fall coat that I bought last year, as well as a good winter coat and a new quilted jacket for shopping trips. What I do need (and I use that word lightly, having literally shelves full of purses in storage) is a good bag.  I really do have a thing for purses, and alhtough I rarely go back after buying and tiring of them, I can't seem to get rid of them easily. The styles seem to change just enough to make me want new, but I always think I will use the retired bags sometime in the future. So far? Not working out that way. So, one day, I just may go to that closet with a huge box, and discard all but the few that are my favourites. It seems like a shame, but there it is. You have to use a bag for awhile to see if it works for you, and it seems that my favourite style is a barrel bag, with no center pocket. Center pockets drive me out of my mind!  I  bought my first barrel bag thirty years ago, and literally wore it out. I bought one about eight years ago, and now it is on its last legs. So, the rule will be from now on in, ONLY BUY A BARREL BAG!!!  I have tried totes, clutches, small bags, large bags, cross body bags, you name it. But I always seem to go back to the simple black barrel bag. So now, I am in the market for a new one! Of course, I may buy a purple one this year....

So in the interest of just being curious, please answer "What is your favourite bag, and why?" 

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