Wednesday, May 19, 2010


A busy day today. I am pleased to say, that the recent drop in poundage is staying constant...just watch the scales go up tomorrow though! LOL Today I had a luncheon at the Manitoba club to attend. They were very nice, and gave me a chicken breast and salad greens to replace the soup and sandwiches enjoyed by the rest of the guests. I really thought that was nice of them, although I would have gladly traded my healthy gluten free choice for egg salad sandwiches in a heartbeat! Sigh. My companions were pleasant and the speaker informative. What more do you want from a free lunch? The Manitoba Club is quite nice, and I was certainly impressed with the fact that they brought me a special plate without making a huge deal about it! And a bonus! The coffee was excellent.

Breakfast: GF English muffin, two poached eggs, a glass of skim milk
Lunch: chicken breast, salad greens (no dressing) a few fruit chunks
Supper: split a chili and chips with hubby at Wendy's. I was not in the mood to cook today!

Snack: McDonald's strawberry milkshake....a calorie bomb in a small cup, I am sure!

AAAAAK That little strawberry shake set me back 540 calories! 540??? AND 13 gms of fat. Oh well. Won't do that again!

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