Friday, May 21, 2010


Woke up this morning and hit the ground running...the kitchen was a disaster...hubby hadn't bothered to clean up when he came home (blame Grey's Anatomy season finale) and didn't bother to tell me, so there was a bit of a hissy fit in the kitchen before breakfast!

All was pleasant once we chowed down on our cheesy mushroom, onion and yellow pepper omelets served with tomatoes. A quick shower and fluff (bless that new hairdresser)then out to shop at Costco for the necessities of life and yet another planter, followed by a futile stop at Rona . Lunch was half of a Wendy's Chili and chips (if you ever shared with your hubby, you know how big your half isn't!) then back to shopping for plant pots and sundry items at Wally world and Safeway. I totally enjoyed the chauffeur service today...with an impending storm, my head was threatening to just blow off my neck at any moment.

To keep things simple and easy? Supper was a hamburger patty, dressed as if it had a bun, but eaten with a knife and fork....with small spoonful of potato salad. While chowing down on the burger, I had to reflect on how easy it is now, to eat gluten free. I actually prefer hamburgers without the bun. At first? I didn't think it was possible, but with a few adjustments, mainly in attitudes, it has been such a worthwhile journey, albeit not easy at times. It is amazing how much better I have felt this year, all due to the dietary changes. Life is good.

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