Saturday, May 15, 2010

Little touches....and guacamole

These are the new blue pillows I found in Regina. They are nicely made, with a tied on washable cover. Very beachy, don't you think? Finally, I found something to tie in the blue ceiling, which may or may not have been a mistake!

So far this today, I have managed to organize - read, discard most of the things in -hubby's bathroom and his shaving kit. I doubt that he will miss a thing. Ah, the joys of keeping house! He is working so hard out there in the yard today, I wanted to focus on his spaces today, to show a bit of appreciation...not a lot, just enough to keep him going! LOL Now he is off to fix the corn is movie night tonight! While we were in Regina, we went to the theatre and saw "Date Night" or some such title. With Tina Fey. What a funny lady she is. Corny slapstick comedy at its finest. Hopefully, there will be something in the video store for tonight's entertainment!

Here it is, almost ***supper time, and I am just getting a bit of an inkling as to the need for food. Time to go through the freezer and see what is there...I know I have a bit of trout, so maybe it would be a good night to try drizzling a bit of the aquava syrup over the top and baking it in the oven with a few spices. Hmmm .... add a little horiatiki salad made with all the goodies I bought yesterday and a bit of basmati rice and pouf! A 'United Nations' supper! We live in such a wonderful time. The best of every country's cuisine is easily available to us. I remember in my childhood, not even knowing what some of these vegetables were. If they were available? I am sure they would have been terribly pricey. We depended on the basics...potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, peas, carrots, corn, beans, radishes, cabbage, onions and chives, rutabagas, beets and onions. My parents were oddballs, so we had a lot of kale in our garden too. We lived in the city, but our back yard was home to a large garden. It produced enough to provide vegetables for our family of five for the year. The best meal came when it was time to thin out the vegetables. My mother would toss all the babies into the frying pan, and lightly saute them in a bit of butter. Little baby potatoes, boiled in their skins? Perfection!

So much for a trip down memory lane! I think a medley of Costco produce ought to fill the bill!

***as it turned out, my good intentions were foiled by reality. I just didn't feel like cooking on such a nice day! So, I made guacamole instead. Half of this recipe and some taco chips made a delish summer supper. Gotta love the MUFA's in this one!

One ripe avocado
two key limes (juicy little beggars)
clove of garlic, finely chopped
one tomato, diced
two tablespoons of Feta cheese
good hefty shot of hot sauce
salt & pepper
Mexican seasoning...I have no idea what is in this stuff as the label is written in Spanish, so I am guessing this red powdered stuff is chili of some sort? Nice flavour, bit of heat.

I used a fork to mash it all together before stirring in the tomato and crumbled feta, but a molcajete sure would have come in handy! I prefer the 'restaurant' rounds taco chips, because you can count out a serving size without deluding or shortchanging yourself. This made a great supper. Lovin' the after burn, too!

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